The most important amenities to make your Mission Viejo vacation rental stand out

The Mission Viejo Vacation Rental market is becoming increasingly competitive. More property owners are deciding to try and maximize their profits by utilizing the growing number of apps and websites that market short term rental properties. In our next few blog posts, we will go over a few of the amenities that you can add to your property to make it stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to be sure that your property books as many stays as possible is to have people come back and use your property multiple times. The entire experience needs to be as pleasant and memorable as possible. Listed below, you will see some of the amenities that rank high in importance to guests. Having these amenities enhances your guests’ experience and increases the likelihood that they will come back and stay again.

How do you welcome your guests?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Curb appeal is extremely important. Additionally, a lock box with the keys inside conveniently allows for 24 hour check in without you or your Mission Viejo property management company representative to be onsite. This is a huge benefit to travelers and removes any pressure that they may feel if their arrival is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Another way to create a memorable first impression is by having a welcome basket waiting for your guests when they arrive. For a very minuscule expense, having a few treats and a handwritten note waiting for your guests can help get their stay off on the right foot.

What are the most searched amenities on Airbnb?

You can get a fairly solid idea of what amenities are the most important to people staying at a Mission Viejo Rental Property by seeing what amenities are searched most often on Airbnb. The top amenities searched for are as follows:

  • Coffee maker
  • Full kitchen (kitchenette’s are much less desirable)
  • Air conditioning (speaks for itself in a market like Mission Viejo)
  • Free parking
  • Pool (also a huge plus in the Anaheim area)
  • A set of wine glasses (the wine experience is so much better when it is sipped from an actual wine glass)
  • Pet friendly property
  • WiFi (a strong signal and enough bandwidth to support multiple devices is paramount in this day and age)
  • Washing machine (having a dryer is a huge plus as well but not as important as the washing machine)
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Television (the more the better)
  • Heating system (Having space heaters accessible can be an easy and affordable remedy to not having a central heating system)

Prioritize your upgrades to get the most bang for your investment dollars

When travelers are using sites like Airbnb and Vrbo to search for properties to stay at, they are able to filter their search parameters based on the availability of certain amenities. If you don’t have something as simple as a coffee maker or a set of wine glasses available for use at your property, you may be missing out on an entire segment of potential clients. The issue can be easily remedied with just a small amount of money out of your pocket. Something like a complete kitchen renovation, or putting in a below ground pool in the backyard would be far more time consuming and capital intensive. Look for items that you can acquire quickly and relatively affordably first, and then allocate a portion of your profits towards bigger improvements in the future. Remember that your vacation rental property can be made increasingly desirable every time a guest stays there.

Be sure to watch for our next blog where we will go over some more amenities that that make your property more desirable to potential guests.